The following is the most widely accepted pantheon in the known world. While there are countless other systems of belief, nearly everyone agrees that these beings play a part in the everyday function of reality.

GOD OF CHAOS - Spaxis. Spaxis thrives on chance and relishes absurdity. He frequently offers deals to mortals under various guises, only to have the deal backfire on his victims in unpredictable ways. His arrival is usually signaled by loud cackling. Over the centuries, this behavior has caused many a mortal to refer to Spaxis as THE MAD GOD.

GODDESS OF CREATION - Rachi. Rachi is the flower child of the gods. She promotes new ideas, new inventions, and all other general newness. Because of this, she is often associated with science and invention, and is often thought to be the patron of tinkerers.

GOD OF DEATH - Immordan. DECEASED Most mortals know little of Immordan, for he usually only reveals himself to them at the time of their death. He watches over the souls of the deceased. This includes ensuring that everyone is assigned an afterlife befitting their deeds during their time on the mortal coil.

GODDESS OF THE HARVEST - Graisum. Graisum is responsible for maintaining the balance of nature. Farms, forests, and all naturally occurring biomes fall under her domain. She is depicted in most religious texts as somewhat aloof, caring far more for flora than fauna.

GODDESS OF LAW - Larazi. Larazi is the guardian of law, order, and justice. Out of all the gods, she is easily one of the most respected. And feared. Her tenets require that her followers adhere to a strict code. Breaking the code is severely punished in nearly all cases. While few can argue that Larazi is unjust, she tends to be unforgiving.

GOD OF LIFE - Vidan. Vidan is responsible for ushering new souls into existence. He is often regarded as the kindest of the gods, and is beloved by most mortals. It has been said that he has retrieved the souls of dead mortals on a few occasions so that they could be reincarnated into a new life. If this is true, it doesn't happen often. These souls would have to be retrieved from the underworld, and Immordan is not easy to steal from.

GODDESS OF WISDOM - Notriv. Notriv is the patron deity of lessons well-learned. She is thought to be something of a parental figure to most mortal life, and is associated with knowledge and self-preservation. What many people consider to be common sense, is believed by others to be the guiding voice of Notriv.

GODDESS OF STORMS - Tordanei. Tordanei is the most passionate of the gods, and changes moods as often as the wind changes directions. Despite her emotional inconsistency, Toranei is generally believed to be benevolent.

GOD OF TIME - Chromus. Chromus is the deity responsible for the passage of time. Ancient texts speak of time resembling a roaring river, eroding everything in its path. Chromus harnessed this flow and controls it, allowing mortals a chance at a proper lifespan. This is a very delicate balance. If too much of the flow were to be let through, the lifespans of most mortals would be over in a moment. If too little were to be let through, the passage of time could stop completely, resulting in the material plane being locked in one moment forever.

GOD OF WAR - Mortadus. Mortadus lives for combat. He becomes restless in times of peace, and has even been known to stage large gladiatorial tournaments for his own amusement.

LORD OF THE CHAMPION - Lonic. Lonic is the patron deity of heroes and adventurers who seek to better the world. Lonic's core tenet is courage, and he strongly encourages his followers to overthrow evil wherever it arises. He and Fouvil are mortal enemies.

LORD OF THE VILE - Fouvil. Fouvil is the dark god of those who seek to obtain power through whatever means necessary. His worshippers almost universally identify with evil alignments. People of Neutral or Good alignments tend to despise Fouvil. Fouvil and Lonic have a long-standing rivalry, and constantly instruct their followers to wage war on each other.

Lesser Deities

Nilbog - Chaos Imp MISSING

Veland - Gob of Goblins

Gillywung - Frog All-Mother MISSING

Captain Chad - Pirate Idol

Pteros - Dragon Ancestor

Ghoyzhu - Fiery Anger

Bud - Lord God King Brrawd

Limerick - Immortal Prankster

Praisidio - Death Delayer

Stefanson - Villain Tutor

Doujien - Sultan of Smiles

Benterton - Bad Day Buddy

Liaxon - Purveyor of Untruth

Irwodile - Reptile Representative

Mosoc - Ballad Boi MISSING

There was once a reclusive druid who loved to sing. Despite his hatred of the outside world, he wished to perform as part of a barbershop quartet. During one of his lonely practice sessions, he began to hear a wolf howling along. This continued the next day, and the day after that. Over time, he and the wolf became fast friends. Hoping to make his barbershop quartet dream a reality, the druid awakened the wolf so that he could howl with actual lyrics.

The local tribe of goblins had never seen a singing wolf, and quickly decided that he must be a god. It was through this worship that Mosoc the singing wolf first ascended.

Kragene - Commerce Commander

Kragene's acolytes call on him for guidance in buying and selling. His interventions on his followers behalf is usually to simply tell them what something is actually worth.

Robyll Cypress - Maker of Monsters DECEASED

Makolo - Prince of Naptime


Lago - Hider of Eggs

Enamela - Tooth Collector MISSING

Thobos - Squirrel Supreme

Rinald - Mercenary Master

Leosut - Plane Jane

Aviiha - Soul Pirate

Jackael - Electrifying Moves

Telov - Keeper of History MISSING

Ociphe (oh - see - feh) - Matron of Mistakes MISSING, PRESUMED DEAD

Santiago - The Unavoidable

Fielum - Creature Categorizer